Object Museum

In my practice of Teaching Artistic Behavior, I was inspired to grow the Drawing Center.  I have a good set of books for references and materials to explore, but I was wanting to expand observational drawing beyond the objects in the studio.  I came up with an “Object Museum” idea thinking of the little items brought home from my own travels and then realized how cool it could be if the community of our faculty were involved.  So using a system of light weight cardboard boxes and objects, I installed the Object Museum! Each object has a # and a small card that shares the owner and why the object is meaningful.  The museum is located above my workspace, so I do the reaching and returning.  We launched the Drawing Center choice with 5th grade.  They were very excited to experience this, learn something about a person in our community and also expand their observational drawing with transformation.   I look forward to rotating the objects on loan and seeing the future inspirations of transformations…surreal settings!

photo (11)photo 4


Kindergarten “Things that are Circular”

Today we looked at the wooden art piece by Martin Puryear “Blue Blood”. Students were excited to see a simple shape so huge! They examined everyday objects gathered from our campus, described its purpose and shared how they would put it to use. Each student selected an object to trace once, twice or more to create a design with the circle. I was interested to see the recognizable planet Earth, circles in rows, overlapping amd random patterns! More contemporary art on the way to view and inspire our minds to create new!