1st Object Observation

This lesson in weaving is introduced by Object Observation.  Students work individually or in pairs to make notes of materials used, how the pattern is created and the purpose of the object.  Students are delighted to see all the woven objects and how useful they are on a daily basis!  Rug, waste basket, storage container, fashionable seat belt bag and bread baskets are some of the great objects with a helpful purpose!  From this introduction, students explore mixing colors of tempera paint, paint 2 patterned papers that are woven together the following week.

1st Object observation


1st Garden painting

First graders step outside to our very own garden on campus to sketch plants, flowers, herbs and veggies.  These sketches become paintings as we take a look at the garden painting by Van Gogh and farmers market painting of Gustave Caillebotte1st Garden sketchesFruit-Displayed-on-a-Stand-1881-82