Living as an artist…that’s it!

This past June I was fortunate to live as an artist in Spain for the very first time.  My husband, who teaches art as well was fortunate too and was accepted.  So off we went to El Bruc Spain for a month at the Can Serrat residency.  First, we must thank our schools for supporting this early leave and for supplementing part of the cost.  We learned so much in this experience for ourselves and to share with our students.  We shared this experience with 9 other artists and writers around this globe.  This creative community inspired our work, motivated our self expression and challenged us to create a body of work in the culminating exhibition.  The weekly events were documented in our blog.

Inspired Living from these people:

Kindness beyond imagine and consistent as the sea~Karine
Helpful and humble as when we praise your delicious creations, viva frittata!~Harry
Mindful, melodic and merry each day as you arrive with the sun~Mertxe
Always smiling, listening and sharing your life~Abdul
Appreciation for surroundings, space and beautiful mark making~Ariel

Acknowledging voices that need to be heard from all walks of life~Andrew
Awareness of imagery and moments of interest right in front of us~Amanda
Vibrant and veracious words to share stories of mind and heart~Vikram
Halting my pace to notice small creatures with humor and point~Helen
Giving relationships life, gusto, humor and understanding~Gemma
Greeting this experience with open mind and creativity~Geoff
Repeating and restructuring imagery that blends our past and present~Roya
Sharing the voice of our youth that offer more than we sometimes take time to hear~Susan

Super chic Helen writes delightful poetry for children about our little creatures~bee’s, silverfish, lizards. She wrote a poem after seeing my painting of the parrot stone from Monserrat.

Response to place

The small town of El Bruc at the base of Monserrat Mountains influenced much of my work, but we discovered Sitges a sweet/amazing…omg town…just a 20 min train ride from Barcelona.  This place inspired the book Seven Days of a Snail by the Sea in Sitges.  I donated this book to a local school called “Little Chair” named after one of the stones of Monserrat.


Sponging up our surroundings

This opportunity provided everything we needed.  We had a place to sleep, a table to eat and a room to work.  It really was that simple.  Our surroundings were so full of blue skies, dry heat, chirping birds, gentle breezes and quiet.  I’m not kidding!  There was no television, unpredictable internet and no noise from street.  We sponged up our surroundings through our work by going out to see the small town, the mountains and olive trees, the architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona and salty sea of Sitges.  We walked to town over broken tiles and along warm yellow facades.  Our open tour bus in Barcelona showed us the ornate and organic styles throughout the city.  The train to Sitges and funicular up Monserrat exposed the tunnels and tracks built along and around the protected landscape.  Every night at 7pm we gathered at this table to share our day and on Fridays we shared our work by the campfire or studios.  For our students we will share how everything we need is right in front of us to take us to new places.


Southern cooking night!


Geoff’s Art


Swimming at Sitges!