First grade create iapples!

Our first grade teachers have been teaching math with apples the past few weeks. You would find great charts outside of their homerooms listing the variety of apples we have and what can be made with them. The students brought what they learned straight to the art room. It was so fun to hear them say “Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Macintosh.” When asked about the color of apples, they observed the combination of colors, besides red and green. All of these descriptive words made our lesson in innovative apples as crisp, juicy, and sweet as the apples they studied!
Students recognized their observations in still life’s by Cezanne. I mentioned these were painted long ago and we were going to use our observations to enhance our imaginations. I turned my iPhone off and then back on so the image of the apple would appear. They were so excited and this generated thoughts on how we could carry on the creativity. Using their art medium of choice, students designed apples in two and three dimensional forms!!



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