Welcome to artsaysthat” a blog that will fine-tune the value of Art we can find by viewing and experiencing Art.  My name is Paige Byrne and currently teach art in Savannah! Previously I taught Art Education in the District of Columbia. Teaching art in DC provided excellent opportunities to partner with local galleries and museums to enhance the art education of  my students.  Sharing these opportunities have been important to me, so I have looked for other platforms to reach out to art teachers locally and nationally.

The last seven years in DC were my favorite. While earning my Masters of Art in Art Education 2012-May 2014 at the Corcoran Gallery School of Art my passion to teach was renewed.  The classes and studio experiences taught me more about reaching out to my students with a variety of learning styles, using materials in a new way and finding the artist inside myself, students and adults.

Thankful to be in Savannah with the incredible natural surroundings and abundance of creative people, I have signed up to teach locally with Lessons.com! Find me by searching zip 31405.

Painting Classes


4 Comments on “About”

  1. maryellen says:

    I enjoyed reading and looking at your blog. I do one thing differently. I do not do grade level assessment. In our district we break it into two groups: key stage 1 (k-2) and key stage 2 (3-5). Since we only have the kids for such a short time it gives them a longer time to reach those assessments. I do some of the same lessons from year to year because the kids are in a different mind space each year so in some ways it is new to them. Thanks! maryellen

  2. Michelle Green says:

    I found your blog through pinterest and I’ve been stalking it for a while this evening (Great way to start Spring Break!)
    I also teach in DC (Jefferson Academy Middle School), and I wondered if you posted more regarding teaching in the District?

    • paigepb says:

      Hi Michelle,
      My posts are more about practicing TAB lately, spontaneous posting, but often on radar because I’m proud of this method. Teaching in the district is all I know since hired ’98, but constantly staying current and advocating my students success thru the arts has fueled my passion for art ed. I have changed immensely from grad school at Corc, learning about TAB and giving up control as I ‘thought what was expected’. Seeing now the intelligence of wondering or wanting in our students, I have found the control of teaching is to find calm in both in order to find out more by exploring materials until the answer surfaces. I have found this to be true with 1st graders stitching in burlap to 4th graders discovering plaster. The teaching method is raw, messy, frustrating if they waste and blunt with redirection, but I love the honestly and we know there is no time to waste!

  3. […] into your curriculum.       Recently, I had the opportunity to reach out Paige Byrne, an elementary art educator from Washington D.C., for some advice on how she incorporates the […]

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