5th Grade Paints the Past

A tradition of illustrating the memories of Grand Oaks residents by our fifth grade takes place each year. The tradition entails three visits by our students to interview the senior citizens. Sounds beautiful and easy, but sometimes there is a need to reschedule or student may have to sacrifice an idea. This experience overall holds great meaning for the student and the senior. In visiting one day, I was able to witness the great calm as a student heard some challenges experienced in one’s life and the pride of knowing exactly how to find the senior and share the special collection of ballerina slippers. Our students became great listeners, illustrators and caring individuals.  Their skill in teamwork and creating art with meaning is outstanding!



Sunhee, Sage, Tate, Alienor


Noel, Matthew and Rebecca


Ravi and Ben


Cameron, Neeka, Xavier


Lauren Petrilla


Anna, Alden Lucas W


Ivan, Katrina , Isarra


Elias, Winn, Alexandra


Faustine, Ximena, Lauren L


Kyla, Maria, Devin, Michael


Juliette Emile Aaron Luca


Gabe and Cyrus


Danee, Natalia, Marco


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