A week in Boston with TAB teachers is incredible!  We walked out this door each day  at 8:00am and would return around 10:30pm after having a blast! 

 TASK #1 get to know each other by completing tasks and creating new!   
 Experience meeting TAB teachers that have 10+ years of practice. 

View TAB studio centers on display


I’m sharing “hear the brush paint” layering demo  
Create art in the Mass College of Art & Design Studios

See beautiful contemporary art!!

Grab a sandwich at Chicken Lou’s on Northeastern campus!

Check out Fenway & Fenway Studio Artists

See beautiful Boston 


And participate, listen, learn,  and reflect in conversations about a choice based art education that truly provides our students to spark and develop their own artistic behaviors.

Here with Caroline, together we will continue to grow with TAB next year & will totally reflect on what we have learned from the excellent teachers and people we met this week in Boston! Love to TAB teachers & Treehouse Dorm talk!! Bath mats in my bag for next year~xo, Paige 


Smart, thoughtful, fun, hilarious, creative, kind, generous, wonderful, excellent TAB teachers & new friends here: 


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