Site Specific Art: Shelter

This video documents my recent assignment to create a site specific work of art.  I loved this experience because it involved the outdoors, using color and space.  In the experience I discovered that it also pattern, texture and sound.  When I was underneath I felt protected.  Sitting under the center reminded me of playing in the creek at home in Tennessee and how we used the bridge as shelter.  I was thinking how playful and friendly flagging tape would be to students. If my imagination soared, I know theirs will!  We discussed the documentation of site-specific art and how the documentation keeps the art alive, may drive the purpose, such as photography, but does not have to.  In my first experience, the documentation created the discovery to use the sky as my fourth color and incorporate sound.  I am excited to introduce flagging tape to students and use our campus as the site!

2 Comments on “Site Specific Art: Shelter”

  1. Laurie McLaughlin Ward says:

    Intriguing photo! Can’t seem to access the video…

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