Banner Week!

This week every homeroom created their class banners in Art! Each homeroom votes on a student generated class name. In the art room a background and templates are uniquely designed to suit each class! Our principle Mrs. Whisnant set aside a grand unveiling of the banners Friday morning to share the students completed banner and commitment to build the thoughtful community we strive to be: Cooperative, Respectful, Peaceful, Kind and a few more!





3 Comments on “Banner Week!”

  1. Amrit says:

    Love it ! 🙂

  2. Liz Whisnant says:

    Thanks, Paige, for posting the photos of our Banner Ceremony. Thanks too for your creative leadership in developing them. I look forward to seeing them installed in classrooms.

    Liz W

  3. […] commitment to working together by launching the Back to School Banners.  You will see the great class names illustrated and designed September 14th at our next all-school morning […]

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