wish list

Hello SKTCS Parents and Family,

So excited to get the Art studio ready-to-go with art supplies to open, pour, rub, mix, blend and layer!    Speaking of materials that will be ready, students love to recycle items for art making that can be found in drawers like playing cards, bubble wrap for Collage, Fabric and Yarn for Fiber Arts, styrofoam trays for Printmaking, or plastic figures, shells and pinecones to observe in Drawing,  small boxes and plastic lids for Sculpture and quart or pint containers  and news papers for Painting.  I am looking forward to meeting the students with guidance and observation as they discover their skills and expression throughout the art centers!  Here is a WISH LIST of materials that can be found at home.  Joining the SKTCS community also brings me great curiosity in learning more about the journey of Susie King Taylor and how her life can inspire ours!

Thank you so much and see you on campus!

Mrs. Byrne

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