Narrative Art

4th Narrative Assessment click here to see follow up questions students answer in completion of assignment

This Narrative Art lesson has been one of my favorites!  In the past we have used The Phillips Collection Jacob Lawrence’s The Migration Series to teach students the impact and unity of using the repetition of line, color and shape to tell a story.  In this lesson we also look at the work of Romare Bearden, Faith Ringgold and William H Johnson.  Each artist has a bold and inviting style  in the imagery so that the viewer can determine the event and feel as if they are in the painting.  This image shares a moment that the student chose from a book they are reading in their classroom.  In the past students were assigned to select a significant fond memory of family time.  Both assignments bring a tremendous amount of connection and creativity, but we were particularly delighted to take note of what scenes in the book touched and intrigued our students.  They were excited to bring these scenes from the pages of their book to life in their collages.

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