Back to the Studio List!

Back to School Checklist…after saying ‘Hello!’ and unpacking new art supplies!!!

1. Penny, dollar comments and million dollar phrases a great visual aid discovered on AOE to encourage students to discuss artwork with descriptions beyond “cute, nice, weird”
2. Sketchbooks-load class baskets & insert Top Ten Challenges checklist
3. Analyze Art Wall-great idea from summer classmate. Banner with blank square surrounded by questions to promote & guide students in their self-assessment.
4. Art assignments for 1st Advisory: Remember to keep it simple (establish order/pride), connect lessons to next lesson (develop synthesis, independence, momentum) & identify what part of lesson to assess
5. “I believe Van Gogh heard that!” Paper heads of Van Gogh to pass out & insert on page in sketchbook to document & remember the fantastic remarks & connections made by students in our group discussions.
6. Closing Comments & Contributions board (great idea from AOE). A space for students to ‘post -it’: What I learned today~ What could have been done better~What did I not understand~ How I was helpful~It helped me figure out how to~
7. ‘From the Art Studio’ letter-notifying colleagues and parents about blog and future posts of how blog will be a place to learn about the Art program & how student thrives within.
8. Identify standards applied in 1st advisory assignments.
9. Create Portfolio basket/crate per homeroom-glance over yearly plan and pencil potential project to include. Update Artsonia & set up laptops for students to upload photos.
10. Draft assessment for 1st Advisory-create questionnaires, checklists, narrative prompts for students to attach to back of work. Ask teachers/principal about flashdrive per student as a way of saving docs and photos to build an digital portfolio from year to year.

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