The Value of Arts Education

This vimeo clip from Enliven the Senses sings for the Arts Educators!  In my early years of teaching it never occurred to me that I may need to be an advocate for my Art Program.  These days we are more pressed to assess our students, assesss ourselves.  This little voice inside me has grown and I became determined to be my best advocate for the value of an Arts Education.  In my research, this group spoke volumes in how the conversation touched on how the Arts are valuable beyond testing!

Around minute 5 the spokesperson discusses how a teacher is focusing on ‘timing’ and how that has improved students in reading & sports.  I especially love how the same spokesperson discusses that providing ‘choice’ provokes motivation.  Providing choice is one area I would like to focus on and it can be found in the Responsive Classroom approach:  Academic Choice.  How could we provide Choice in our art studios?

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