Art News Trimester 1 2017

Art News Trimester 1


Art News SKTCS

ArtNews SKTCS 1:3 17-18

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Savannah Studio at SKTCS

Soon a brand new school will open, Susie King Taylor Community School. Today as the art teacher for SKTCS, I set up the studio along with all the other new teachers setting up their classrooms. The building was former private school that closed doors in 2015 and left some furniture behind for everybody to scavenge around and make it work!
While setting up the studio memories surfaced of designing the workspace in the community from where I came and remembered not knowing where I would be when writing this farewell.
So here is the studio of a new beginning where I am excited to find the answers to these Q's and learn what the SKTCS students would like to learn too!

Who is Susie King Taylor?
What do artists do?
What nature is around our campus to inspire ideas?
What materials are available?
How will I challenge myself this year?
What could I learn about my community?
How could shared experiences of others and myself form new ideas?

Looking forward to meeting TAB teachers in Savannah and finding some to explore the sandy shore!

Painting the Past

Today our 5th grade presented their illustrations of Grand Oaks residents child hood memories. We gave the idea a a try six years ago now it’s an annual program Here is the original documentary by Matt Conley from Mass.

Ballet slipper used as theatre for Miss Charlotte a lifelong ballerina!

Art News 1st Six Weeks

Art News: First Six Weeks

1 six wks.png

Students Speak about their work, thinking and performance.

Finding time for all students to reflect upon their performance has been successful using this magnet system in our Elemenrary choice based art studio. The last 10 minutes of class is reserved for clean up and final five for closing circle. Each student is assigned a number and shares one sentence about their performance inspired by the goal chart. With practice and time we have heard remarkable and meaningful statements:

“I chose application for my ideas about making a ship in sculpture rather than drawing because my grandfather and I used to build things” Henry 3rd.

“I chose effort because I had never tried plaster strips before.” Isabella 4th

” I planned to continue my drawing and I ‘le penned*’ it.” Andres 2nd

*You know those slender fine tip Le Pens? Like sharpies great colors, but I get dozens of black.  We nick-named the act of outlining amazing sketches into finished drawings by terming ‘le penned’~ Just a silly, funny, but seriously official hard working moment! 

Students arrive to art in half groups willing to watch demos, but often have a plan in place. Students also track their choices and additional reflections during portfolio week, the last week of each grading period. Our largest homeroom of 28, then half group of 14 did take longer, so I’ll consider odds share one week and evens the other, but this group also cleans up in less than five. Sharing is also relative on which group can transition smoothly. Some groups are better than others. Students DO value creative time and closing circle immensely, so I remind: The more time you spend cooperating, buys you creative time and closing circle minutes. 

We do highlight SHOM behaviors, but more in introduction, demonstration & portfolio reflections. The goal magnet system has been working for about three years, did take some time, but now they desire. 

SFMOMA you gotta go-a!!

Every floor, every turn and every space of SFMOMA was filled with an exciting, joyful and remarkable work of art! While in San Francisco for three nights, we did everything else but go to SFMOMA, but the next week while in Berkeley I decided to zip back over on the BART and I’m so thankful.

First you are greeted by this beautiful sunlit grand foyer

Then you get to see striking contemporary art and take photos!!  Many of the SFMOMA works reminded me of student work completed this past year.  Like this one, I remember the student feeling so strongly about using just blue!


mann student

And reflect upon how great elementary students respond to contemporary art.  In the spring, Students viewed Diebenkorn’s work and we talked about collecting colors in our community. This work reminded me of the 100 color challenge for 100th day of school.  Students used cute & clever names for their tints and shades!


mann student art

Be reminded of their independence to explore themes of their work in a variety of mediums like animals, shoes and nature.


mann student art

Recognize students development of aesthetic.  I loved getting an email from a student over the holiday sharing his favorite collection of cards displayed in a new formation.


mann student art at home

Ability to transform and showcase natural materials.  These girls have constructed a xylophone out of twigs & sticks~adding music to our hike for an art & science class!


mann student art

I just could not get enough of this place.

sfmoma found object forms


You can watch this amazing film that combines art, theatre, storytelling + more!



Find works to relax in the normalcy of just being in your own space of this beautiful world

And spaces you want to walk along forever

sfmoma Sol Lewitt



And works that make you laugh…can you imagine if any living artist today invited us to come on down? There are more of these…so funny! 

I love you SFMOMA!!

A few more lovelies………………

knee impressions of artists